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Sweet Potato Salmon Patties

Stella Burger



  • 1x 220g  can canned red salmon

  • 1x 95 g can Tuna in brine

  • 1x medium sweet potato

  • 1x large egg

  • Sweet chili sauce - about a tbsp

  • Couple tbsp Bread crumbs

  • Salt, pepper,

  • Paprika 


Peel and cube the sweet potato and Steam / Microwave to soft
Mash the potato add everything else and mix thoroughly
Using wet hands make parties and seal for a few min on each side in a hot fry pan
Drain on paper towel for a few min
Line baking tray with paper and put patties into oven on 160C for about 30 min
Serve with favorite dips - we like hummus/
avocado, and a side of salad with tahini
Add potato wedges / cocked corn/ pasta as sides

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