Pesach curriculums

An assortment of Pesach curriculums for all ages. Teachers will need to go through them ALL to choose the most fitting curriculum suitable to their students and their ages.


Grade 3

Looking back to the future

Looking Back To Our Future is a journey through the highlights of our ancient Jewish history with discussions and applications that children in our modern day can relate to. 

Please read through "how to use the curriculum"and all supporting files before starting.

Toby, Zina

First day - All Grades

Ahavat Yisroel (Torahpedia Pages 19-27)

Lesson plan for the first day.

Teaching Ahavat Yisroel highlighting getting along and making new friends in the year ahead.

All teachers

Prep - Grade 6

Purim curriculum (by Chanchi Alperowitz)

Purim Lesson plans and supporting printouts for Grades Prep - Grade 6.

All teachers

Grade 5

Jewish Heroes

The Jewish Heroes curriculum explores personalities in Jewish history and lessons we can learn from them.

There are a number of files in the folder, please read through them all before using the program.

Rivkah, Ella

Prep & Grade 1

Jewish Home

Jewish home curriculum takes students through each room of the house teaching them a Mitzvah connected to that room. Eg. Front Door - Hachnosas Orchim, Parents room - Respecting mother and father, Kitchen - Kosher etc.

In the files there is the main curriculum (by Chaim's Corner), followed by a supporting curriculum and then a folder with other files and worksheets. 

Shaina, Zina, Ella

Prep - Grade 1

Adventure with Alef

Aleph Bet Curriculum.

Includes lesson pland, scrap booking ideas and letter teaching. 

Shaina Jacobs

Prep - Grade 1

Purim curriculum (Talmud Toah Time)

Purim lesson plans and handouts for grade Prep - 1.

BUT also see other Purim curriculum for all ages.

All teachers

Grade 4

What is Series

There are 3 topics in the "What is series" they are Kosher, Eretz Yisrael, and Brochot.

Each series has it's own teachers guide with lesson and classroom files.


Begin teaching Eretz Yisroel, once finished move on to Kosher and then Brochot.


Grade 2


Torahpedia curriculum looks at different Mitzvot. The file link below includes teachers lesson plans and a preview of the student workbook that each student will receive at Hebrew Gems.

Hannah, Megan

Prep - Grade 6

Purim resources.

General Purim files on HS international network (not curriculum). Eg. Printouts, purim plays, characters.

All teachers

Prep (2018)


There are many resources and curriculum's in the file to use.

To plan your base lesson, use the following:


  • Bereishi Curriculum By Herson - MAIN CURRICULUM

  • Parsha Play

  • Torah and Me CD

  • Parsha Play

Use the other resources to help with other craft, game, activity ideas.



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