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To celebrate and attain a strong sense of love and pride of their Judaism, self-recognizing that being Jewish is a joy.


Gain an understanding of our rich Jewish History, culture, traditions, Torah, Mitzvot and Israel.


Gain an in depth understanding and excitement for the Chagim (Jewish festivals) through the hands on heritage program.


Master Hebrew reading & writing skills and learn common prayers.


Gain an understanding of the Torah’s approach to moral Mitzvot, such as kindness, appreciation, respect etc.




Hebrew Gems is an innovative after school program located in Caulfield, Melbourne for Jewish Primary age children who don’t attend a Jewish day school. 
Hebrew Gems offers a warm and lively atmosphere where children can attain a unique and exciting awareness of their Jewish identity.

Our students gain an appreciation for the joys, values and traditions of our heritage and Hebrew language as our dedicated and enthusiastic teachers vividly bring them to life. The creativity and dynamism makes every lesson a unique learning experience.

Our school’s most underlying approach is for the children to enjoy the time spent at Hebrew School so that they are left with positive feelings and fond memories of their Jewish education.
Our program is thus carefully blended with games, songs, incentives, arts and crafts, audio-visual presentations, dramatics, family celebrations and other exciting co-curricular activities.

Marvel at your children’s enthusiasm as they look forward to this fun-filled Hebrew school. Here, they will absorb the richness of their heritage, Jewish values and learn to read and write the Hebrew language.

About us


Prep - Grade 6, followed by the Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program. 



Our program is suitable for Jewish children who do not attend a Jewish day school. Currently, we have children enrolled from over 10 different public and private schools from across Melbourne.


You have the choice to join either the
Monday, Tuesday or Thursday  classes. Classes follow the annual public school calendar except when Hebrew Gems falls on a Jewish Festival.


Classes run from
4.00 -5.30pm. The first 45 minutes focuses on Jewish traditions, culture and lessons, while the second half focuses on the Hebrew language. 



The cost is $200 per term. There is no annual commitment.
Every Jewish child is entitled to a Jewish education, please speak to us if the fees are beyond your means.


Chabad Glen Eira, 484 Glen Eira Rd,



To ensure every student is given the best opportunity to reach their full potential to grow and develop in their Jewish education and journey, classes are kept small - between five to ten students per class. This fosters an environment that not only allows students to feel comfortable, speak up and get involved in every class but ensures every child is given all the attention and care they need.



Our teachers are exceptional and sincerely care about the well-being and educational development of their students. With one look into a class it’s evident that the teachers are excited and enthusiastic about the teaching opportunity, it’s a beautiful sight watching the students and teachers enthusiastically greet each other at the start of each week.



After a long day of school, we understand students are tired and find it difficult sit through a 90-minute class, which is why every class is carefully blended with crafts, multimedia, drama, cooking and other activities all based on the lesson taught. This learning experience brings the lessons to life and excites the students as it keeps them engaged throughout the class.

At the start of Hebrew Gems, students excitingly run up the stairs as they are warmly greeted by their teachers and treated to fruit, vegetables and biscuits before beginning their class.



In order to create a truly positive and inspiring environment, minimizing the need for discipline, creating only positive memories of their weekly Jewish program we have developed a five-star incentive system that students thrive on and love.


We strongly encourage close communication between school staff and parents.

A weekly newsletter is emailed containing what the students have learnt that week, news around the school, photos and upcoming events or announcements.


We are proud to be an accredited Safeguarding Children organisation.


Your child’s safety is our number one priority; we will ensure the Day Camp's environment is the safest environment possible.


The director, Moshe Loebenstein is trained in level two first aid and undergone an anaphylactic training and awareness course. Moshe who will be running the program, has also undergone a course from ChildWise and is accredited from Safe Guarding Children to ensure our programs, policies and staff are trained and educated ensuring that all children attending our youth programs are given the best care in the safest environment possible.

Below is a brief summary of safety items addressing the most common safety questions. If there are any further safety questions please email us or call us on 9532 7299.

• Child / Staff Ratio – A ratio of one staff for every five children is what sets us apart; every child attending the Camp Gems feels secure and is given all the personal attention and care they need.

• We have a zero tolerance to a breach by staff of any one of our policies.


• An example of a policy: A staff member, under no circumstances is allowed to be alone with a child, co-counselors have a shared responsibility in ensuring they are with their co-counselor and group at all times, preventing a one on one situation to arise.

• We have zero tolerance towards bulling – parents will be called if a child continues after a single warning.