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"Doing Bat Mitzvah Club not only taught be about becoming a Jewish woman, it taught be about who I am and who I want to be. It gave me friendships I will treasure for life! It was one of the best things I have done in my life and it will always stay with me."


Melanie, past student

"I was part of the Glen Eira Chabad Bat Mitzvah program. I always looked forward to each lesson. I especially enjoyed the shabbaton, because all the girls got to properly meet each other and all the activities were so much fun!"

Nicky, past student

"I highly recommend the Glen Eira Chabad Bat Mitzvah program to any family who may be considering the options. Nicky really looked forward to going each week and came home full of enthusiasm and excitement. The Bat Mitzvah program was very educational and covered many aspects of jewish life - presented in a spirit of fun and warmth."

Rina, a parent

"I loved batmitzvah club and hope many others do too. It is truly amazing as I learnt a lot and made many new friends throughout the year. My batmitzvah year would not have been the same without the batmitzvah club because we always had so much fun."
Tali, past student

Chabad Glen Eira’s program seemed the perfect choice for our daughter. As she was already attending a Jewish Day School we wanted the classes to be held by someone with a passion, honesty and a willingness to share their knowledge but who also understood that young girls need to have fun, opportunity to ask questions, explore ideas and make new frie nds. Chana provided this. She welcomed the girls into her home not just her class. The Shabbaton, sleepover, excursions and final Presentation Day were all organised and held with calm and maturity ensuring fun for all involved. Get togethers held this year after their Bat Mitzvah are even more special as we see all the girls returning happily to catch up!"

Hadassa, parent

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